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#35 Emily Bache on maximizing career for family, hobbies and making a difference in the world
November 20, 2018 Timothée Bourguignon / Emily Bache

Emily is a Technical Agile Coach and a very experienced one. In her career, she has embodied pretty much all the positions our industry has to offer and built a polyglott bagage that definitely makes me blush... from Python and Scala to Ruby and C++. Emily is the author of "the Coding Dojo Handbook", a few video classes on Pluralsight and she also regularly speaks at international conferences and panels with none other than "Robert C. Martin".

Emily told us her story. How she discovered programming and eased into it. How she came to relocate to Sweden and embraced the swedish work-life-balance. Finally Emily told us how she discovered and grew into the XP community, discovered Coding Dojos and became an advocate of technical agile coaching herself.

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