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#13 JB Rainsberger
May 10, 2016 Timothée Bourguignon
In this interview with J.B. Rainsberger, we drilled down into what it means to truly be agile. We devised on what it means to be agile for corporations, startups and teams alike and how to progress when you are stuck. We will definitely have to record another interview to focus more on the single individual side of it. We ended on a happy note about... happiness: don't forget that you're in there for yourself! Links and credits: - JB is @jbrains on Twitter - JB's Homepage - "7 minutes, 26 seconds, and the Fundamental Theorem of Agile Software Development" - The World's Best Intro to TDD, Level 1: TDD Done Right - Intro Music "Something Elated" by Broke For Free (CC BY 3.0) Please leave a comment on iTunes (…d1079113167?mt=2) and Stitcher ( to help spread the word!
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