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#16 Damien Beaufils
June 07, 2016 Timothée Bourguignon
In this episode, I talked to Damien Beaufils, a french software craftsman working in Paris. Damien shared the experience he made on his current project ; how he helped his team focus on quality to improve the whole software. We talked about the different kind of tests, the test pyramid and Damien even shared a very good recipe on how to improve test quality in a legacy or project lacking tests. Nota: We unfortunately had a couple hickups toward the middle of the recording, but what Damien was saying is pretty clear anyway! Links: - Damien is @damienbeaufils on Twitter - Damien's pyramide script on github - OCTO Technology: - "Culture Code", the book Damien co-authored (in french - free download) - The Software Crafts(wo)manship Paris where Damien held a talk recently about this subject: - The slides of the talk (FR) - Damien's talk at the upcoming Paris-Web conference MISC: - Music "Something Elated" by Broke For Free (CC BY 3.0) Please leave a comment to help spread the word: - On iTunes - On Stitcher
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