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#18 Kevin Keller
January 23, 2017 Timothée Bourguignon
In this episode I talk to Kevin Keller about his life as a Digital Nomad. Kevin has been living "on the run" sind 2014, spread between Tbilisi(Georgia), the Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco and France (to name only a few), all while working for his company Grumpy Goat Studio. He tells us all about this lifestyle, a couple tips and tricks to get started and devises on remote working as a whole. Links: - Kevin is @flygeneticist on Twitter - NomadLaunchpad, Kevin's product to help you get started on your Digital Nomad Journey - The website of Kevin's company - The internet board for remote works Kevin spoke about MISC: - Music "Something Elated" by Broke For Free (CC BY 3.0) Please leave a comment to help spread the word: - On iTunes - On Stitcher
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